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Welcome to Drupal Modules!

Hello, and welcome to DrupalModules.com, a community-powered rating and review service dedicated to helping you find the best Drupal modules for your project!

Need help finding the right Drupal module? Try Module Finder, a powerful new tool that searches as you type! Filter modules by category, version, title, or keywords, and watch the results update in real time.

Want to see what other Drupal users think? Check out the top Drupal modules as ranked by rating or downloads, or just browse through the latest module reviews.

Adding your own review is easy: There's an "Add Review" link on every module page. Let the world know about your favorite module, and get linked!



iO1 has acquired Drupalmodules.com, please see the full announcement here

Sorry about the outage, you can recreate the problem by doing the following:

1) Decide to move your site to a shiny new set-up on Amazon
2) Decide to move your dns to another DNS provider
3) Setup shiny new environment
4) Change the ip address with the original provider to the new IP
5) Unlock the domains for transfers
6) Immediately go to the new DNS provider and submit a transfer request
7) Crap! a race condition exists and the transfer request interrupted the dns record update mid change and the DNS is not locked for 5 days in Limbo with no record.
8) Beg / plead and chase up both DNS companies for Days with each telling you the other has to change things there end to no avail
9) Ping your back online on your new shiny servers

Reasons for the change happening in the first place will be announced very shortly.

A few things that were broken by changes to Drupal.org are now working again. Specifically, usage statistics in search results should now be accurate for all modules again. Thanks to Cody Craven for originally reporting this issue.

Additionally, I fixed a bug that prevented some modules from ever getting added to the site. Things should be back to 100% now, but as always please report any problems in the forum.

Just a quick note: I've fixed a bug that kept some modules from being updated properly, so if you spotted an out of date module recently, it should be synced correctly now.

I've also fixed the bug that was keeping the Module Finder "[link]" feature from working 100% correctly (particularly, version and category information is now properly populated). Thanks to mojzis for reporting this!

After 3 long years in development, Drupal 7 has finally been released!

What's new? Just about everything, including a new admin interface, easier module installation, flexible content fields, improved database compatibility, and lots more. Check out this video for a quick overview.

Eager to get started? Here's the download page!

PS: Need hosting? Check out my Drupal 7 Hosting Review.

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