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On 404 Not Found error pages, Drupal will skip rendering of several pieces of your website for performance reasons. Some of these include: The "Left" and "Right" regions of your theme. The "Primary links" block and any other menu links block.* The Primary links and Secondary links of your theme.* *...

Content display, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 6.x

Reviews: 97


On 404 Not Found error pages, Drupal will skip rendering of all the navigation links of your website for performance reasons*. Some of these include: The "Primary links" block and any other menu links block. The Primary links and Secondary links of your theme. * Unless you have configured a "Default...

Content display, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 7.x

Reviews: 19


Site builders sometimes remove block titles to achieve a certain design or to remove redundancy for sighted users (e.g. the search block has a "search" form label, a "search" submit button and a "search" heading.) Unfortunately, removing these titles harms site usability for some users. This module allows...

Content display, Site navigation, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 5


ABT (Access By Term) Provides very flexible, hierarchical node access control (content access control), for D7. Supports following flags: Create Update Delete Grants are based on the relationship between the user->term<-node. Taxonomy terms act as common denominators and allow many-to-many relationships...

Administration, Content, Content access control, Content display, Security, Site navigation, Taxonomy, User Access & Authentication, 7.x

Reviews: 146


Access Denied Backtrace will help you track down the specific place where Drupal is triggering the access denied for a certain role. Use Case: Have you ever gone crazy when certain roles cannot access nodes in Drupal? Then you have to start checking permissions on and off just to finish right where you...

Content access control, Developer, Site navigation, User Access & Authentication, User management, Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 38


Goals: Assist in making Drupal content more accessible. Serve as an api for other drupal accessibility modules when common functionality is needed Demonstrate modifications to existing themes to make them accessible. Serve as a demonstration to promote accessibility improvements to Drupal core and contributed...

Content, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 17


This module will display a menu using a jQuery UI accordion effect. The 6.x-1.x and 7.x-1.x releases support the same features. Features in version 6.x-1.2 (and above) include: Multiple menu blocks, each separately configurable Menu source may be a Menu block sub-menu definition or a Drupal menu Setting...

Content display, Javascript Utilities, Multilingual, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 27


This module provides dynamic [Log in/Create account][My account][Log out] menu links. Before the user is logged in, only the [Log in/Create account] link is shown(this can be configured as two links: [Login] and [Register]). After the user is logged in, [My account][Log out] links are shown. By default,...

Site navigation, User Access & Authentication, 6.x

Reviews: 49


This is a non-caching filter that parses HTML to append an active class to URL's found in the content if they match the current page. This filter does not cache, limit it's usage to fairly small blocks! Also it should come after all other input filters that generate HTML (e.g. a weight of 10) so that...

Content display, Filters and editors, Site navigation, 6.x

Reviews: 6


Activemenus makes the standard Drupal navigation menu expandable. Clickable, highlighted regions are added to the menu. When a collapsed menu item is expanded, the child menu items are loaded dynamically through AJAX. Formerly part of the Javascript Tools package, Tabs is now an independent module as...

Site navigation, 6.x

Reviews: 42


Swipht technologies developed a set of security modules with sponsorship from Portland State University. The modules provide roles and user specific security permissions for menus, menu items, nodes, and security integration into the administration and help systems. We would like to provide this suite...

Administration, Security, Site navigation, User Access & Authentication, 6.x

Reviews: 18


This is a very simple module that adds the content local tabs (Edit, Delete, Revisions, etc.) as links to teasers/lists of nodes. It also makes the 'Delete' link show up as a tab in the individual node view just like the 'Edit' and 'View' tabs (Drupal 6+ only). This module also provides support for the...

Administration, Content, Site navigation, Utility, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 15


Quick Overview: “Adminimal Administration Menu” changes the style of the “Administration menu” module. It adds a nice and simple minimalist look and provides some tweaks to improve your Drupal administration experience. The menu hierarchy is not simpler and easier to understand (removing the...

Administration, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 7.x

Reviews: 295


This module will provide a sort of control panel for users with administrative rights. It can be used to store commonly used links or to add block content to the 'dashboard' region. On installation of the module, a Dashboard menu is created in the menu system. The menu is configurable, just like other...

Administration, Javascript Utilities, Site navigation, Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 107


Provides a theme-independent administration interface (aka. navigation, back-end). It's a helper for novice users coming from other CMS, a time-saver for site administrators, and useful for developers and site builders. Administrative links are displayed in a CSS/JS-based menu at the top on all pages...

Administration, Developer, Site navigation, Utility, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

Reviews: 1071


Floats tasks and actions (e.g. the view and edit tabs on nodes), to avoid the need to accomodate them when building a theme. Intended to work with the Administration Menu module. To Do UI - I built the UI and I'm not a designer. I am not enamored with my work. Please help. Instructions Install and enable...

Administration, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 7.x

Reviews: 28


Small but effective module to configure which pages are to be considered administrative. When a page is considered administrative the admin theme will be used. Also, when using the overlay module, administrative pages will open inside the overlay. An alternative to this module might be the Admin theme...

Administration, Site navigation, 7.x

Reviews: 4


Note: As of 2010/01/29, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #527498: Adminmenu Dhtml seems abandoned. Adminmenu_dhtml renders a selected menu as a...

Administration, Site navigation, 4.7.x

Reviews: 3


Advanced blog is designed to expand on the features provided by the core blog module. It also acts as a replacement for the following modules: Blogger Blog Informations Blog Add-ons Advanced Blog integrates and expands on the features of the above modules in order to provide better navigation of site...

Community, Content display, Site navigation, 6.x

Reviews: 104


This module integrates with the API provided by theJQuery Menu module (version 1.8 and higher) to provide click and expand book menus with the ability to customize each block individually. Not only can you set blocks to hold particular sets of books, but you can also set each block to enable new books...

Administration, Content, Content display, Javascript Utilities, Site navigation, Taxonomy, Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 25


The advancedmenus module allows site administrators to create an arbitrary number of blocks for any given menu object in the site. The block settings page for each block allows customization of the starting level of that block, as well as customization of the class attribute values used in the markup...

Site navigation, 5.x

Reviews: 2


- Counter badges for anonymous users This module adds iOS-style badges to links displaying how many new nodes (or comments or users) has been added to the page since the last time the user visited that page. You can for example add count badges to your taxonomy links, menu items or a link to a View of...

Site navigation, Theme enhancements, Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 47


This module makes it possible to navigate through Drupal's menu local tasks (Tabs) via AJAX. You can choose to load Ajax Tabs per specific pages. This module depends on ajax_load.module. Make sure you wrap your tabs in page.tpl.php with <div id="tabs-wrapper">  <?php print $tabs ?></div> This...

Content display, Javascript Utilities, Site navigation, 6.x

Reviews: 1


NOTE: Please make sure you're using ajaxit plugin v1.0.9 This module utilizes the ajaxit jquery plugin to convert a Drupal site into a fully ajax site. Its features include: 1. Auto handling of javascript and CSS. 2. Supports history (back and forward buttons). 3. Supports ie6, 7, 8, chrome and firefox...

Content display, Javascript Utilities, Site navigation, 6.x

Reviews: 3


Very simply, this module lets you map a path in your Drupal root to an external URL, think Apache's mod_alias. Ex: http://example.com/drupal --> http://drupal.org/ This module has a lot in common with the Path Redirect module, but is very light-weight and only aims to accomplish this single task....

Administration, Site navigation, Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 23

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