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This module is a views plugin that integrates Professor Cloud Carousel A 3d Carousel in JavaScript. Its main functionality is to generate a 3D floated rotated images, which accelerates and moves automatically or according to mouse wheel. 3D Views Carousel works fine with Lightbox2 and Shadowbox. Originally...

Javascript Utilities, Third-party integration, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 26


Action Views is used together with the views module. Action views adds a view type of "Action View" to the views interface. This will present your view as a table, and adds a list of actions you can perform against the results of the query executed by the view. We have taken a modular approach whereby...

Views, 5.x

Reviews: 10


Looking for co-maintainers We have been fairly busy and have not had the time nor the personal need to upgrade this project to D6. If you are interested in becoming a co-maintainer, please contact us at http://collectivecolors.com The Active Template module is similar to the ConTemplate module except...

Content, Content display, Developer, Views, 5.x

Reviews: 25


Activitystream extension for Github activity Maintainer: cweagans (cweagans.net) Project Information Maintenance status: Actively maintained Module categories: Import/Export, Third-party Integration, Utility, Views Development status: Unknown Reported installs:...

Import and export, Third-party integration, Utility, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 22


Adds Views2 support to the Ad module for Drupal 6.x and Views 2. New maintainer needed I am no longer able to maintain this module. New maintainer required. See the Issue raised on this. -- Miles#1147632: Looking for new ad_views maintainer Features The current release provides field support for: Core...

Commerce and advertising, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 49


Overview Admin Frosting is a feature module that replaces Drupal's default Content, Comment and People (User) administration screens utilizing Views, Views Bulk Operations (VBO) and Rules. Out of the box, it comes with a ton more options than Drupal core gives you. It's the kitchen sink of administrative Features Content...

Administration, Features package, Rules, User management, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 38


This feature module contains replacement views for various Drupal administrative functions, including: The User admin (admin/people/people): You can search for users many different ways with this one. The default content admin (admin/content/content): This gives much more flexibility Comments admin (admin/content/comments):...

Content, Features package, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 32


Replaces administrative overview/listing pages with actual views for superior usability. Features Filter all administrative views via AJAX. Perform any kind of bulk/mass operations on items in administrative views. Filter content by title, node type, author, published status, and/or vocabulary. Filter...

Administration, Utility, Views, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 33


Advanced Exposed Forms (AEF) provides fine grained dynamic data filtering by allowing the "joining" of views exposed filters into groups. AEF provides AND/OR operators between individual exposed filters and between groups of exposed filters. Use AEF to drill down from large amounts of data to specific...

Views, 6.x

Reviews: 31


Advanced Taxonomy Blocks makes use of the JQuery menu module to create extremely customizable blocks for browsing through single hierarchy taxonomies. Though the taxonomy menu module does something similar, if you use this module you will see that they are in fact entirely different in their approach....

Content, Javascript Utilities, Taxonomy, Utility, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 18


Views AJAX endpoint is a module dedicated for general AJAX use. Update: I am writing a tutorial for using this module. Please wait if you are interested. Project Information Module categories: Views Maintenance status: Unknown Development status: Unknown ...

Views, 6.x

Reviews: 6


This module provides a mechanism for a View block to have AJAX based pagination. There are other good modules out there that provide functionality similar to this (one standout that comes to mind is Dynamic Views) but I found that they did not either support paging the way I wanted, or did not provide...

Content display, Paging, Views, 5.x

Reviews: 15


You can always create links that load other pages via AJAX but you will still load a full page HTML while you may only need a single HTML element from the loaded page and this is what AJAXify focuses on. AJAXify allows created views, for example, to load a single HTML element from another page. Project...

Javascript Utilities, Views, 5.x

Reviews: 143


The sole purpose of the Alter Profile Page module is to bring more of social networking, MySpace-ish look to Drupal's user profile page. Enabling the module will change what appears on the users' profile page(s). By default, the Drupal core sets the profile page to display a section called History, under...

Community, Content display, User management, Utility, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 5


With this module you can create annotations on nodes. This sounds like comments but they are handled differently. The visibilility of a note can be made private, open for discussion with the node author, the annotate contributors or others. Annotate allows users to post personal notes on various nodes...

Community, Content, Content display, Evaluation and rating, Views, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 215


Argument Picker is a simple API to access and elaborate arguments in a flexible way. Basically it allows, given URL arguments like: example.com/myview/make:Volkswagen/model:Polo/year:2008/ to retrieve one of those arguments through a function: arg_picker_get_selector_argument("make") which - in the...

Features package, Path management, Utility, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 14


*Try it out with the Rubric module! :) The Assignment Studio is a way of centralizing student submissions into one interface that allows an instructor to assess assignments more effectively. It is a set table View (essentially) with collapsible areas that help organize the grading process. This is...

Community, Utility, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 19


This Module enables both developers and end-users to introduce asynchronous loading into the normal node listing. This module was initially developed for the DevelopmentSeed and has now been made public for the drupal community. The Module offers: A themeable stand-alone Node Listing of all the nodes. A...

Content display, Paging, Utility, Views, 4.7.x

Reviews: 16


The Location module does not provide a way to display or filter node views, based on the location of their author user, provided by the User Locations submodule. This module creates a views relationship betwen the nodes and the users, that you can use it after for getting fields or filters with the...

Location, User management, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 28


Provides Views Display Style and Field Display Formatter for image fields using the Awkward Showcase jQuery image gallery plugin. More information regarding the Awkward Showcase jQuery plugin and a demo may be found at the developer site here: http://www.awkwardgroup.com/sandbox/awkward-showcase-a-jquery-plugin/ Note:...

Fields, Javascript Utilities, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 44


This module allows you to define Back Button in your nodes. For example, your site can have the view "Blog" for a blog and you want to place link "Back to blog" on each "Blog Post". This module allows you to create such link. On settings page you can select which node type to use for the button, which...

Content display, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 36


Backlinks module provides a wiki-style "what links here" filter for Views: give it a node id (via URL argument, for instance), and it will generate a list of all nodes linking to that node, courtesy of search module's index. After enabling the module, two pre-configured views will be created for you:...

Content display, Views, 5.x

Reviews: 5


The Ban and Unpublish module makes it easier to clean up after registered spammers and other problem users by implementing a bulk operation that appears at Home > Administer > User management > Users. This module adds a single drop-down option to the list page that performs the following in...

Spam prevention, User management, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 11


Overview Bendy is a fully responsive featured content rotating banner, slider, carousel etc...(whatever you kids are calling it these days). Bendy is a feature module that creates a turn-key featured content rotating banner using the Views Slideshow module, Client-side Adaptive Image module and some...

Features package, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 103


The Better comments administration module provides a Panels/Views based comments administration page featuring AJAX publish/unpublish (approve/reject) buttons and an AJAX comment preview functionality. Being Views and (optionally) Panels/Page manager based it is 100% configurable and exportable. Better...

Administration, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 18

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