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Module Overview

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Back To Top adds a button that hovers in the bottom of your screen and allow users to smoothly scroll up the page using jQuery. Back To Top uses jQuery UI library effects for smooth easing of scroll. Similar modules Be sure to check out the Scroll To Top module. The module differs from Back To Top in... [More...]


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No images are supplied with this module. It is recommended that all images you use are roughly of the same size.
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When a user edits their account details they can choose to upload an image or photo of themselves, also known as an avatar. The Avatar Selection module allows the user to pick an avatar image from a list already loaded by an administrative user. It is also possible to disable the uploading of pictures by users and only allow them to select an avatar icon from this list.


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HubSpot provides advanced targeting marketing and lead nurturing features. This module integrates with Webform and the HubSpot API to submit Webforms directly to HubSpot's lead management system.
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For example, a Webform-based contact form on your site can send its data to HubSpot, where you may already track potential clients and contacts; or a Webform-based e-newsletter signup could send the lead to HubSpot's targeted marketing system, letting you use your pre-existing email campaigns.



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Drupal Back To Top Module

Drupal Back To Top Module
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I'm trying to make my

I'm trying to make my top action bar icon to allow users to go back to previous screen.


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