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Module Overview

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This module provides the ability to override the default cart page view for Drupal Commerce. Sponsored by Commerce Guys Reasons this module exists The cart page view is not a view with a page display; therefore, you cannot just override the path. The cart page uses a view (commerce_cart_form) that... [More...]


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Commerce Cart View Override

The cart page (commerce_cart_form) is hard coded but with this module can be overridden, which gives you a way to
select the view to be displayed on the cart page. Online TV Software



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tried overriding commerce_cart_block

I've tried overriding commerce_cart_block just realise it was commerce_cart_form that was in charge of the content. and with Commerce Cart View Override it works!


Is there some bug

Is there some bug in a module that the developer isn't fixing?


Very quickly people

Very quickly people came to see me as a doer in the community


run the project

Thanks for all information. Helped a lot! Now I can continue to run the project to which I worked so hard!


So that tutorial was very

So that tutorial was very helpful. I attempted to use views but couldn't figure that out to work. Did some more digging and found Reference Tabs module


I would like to

I would like to give Drupal a try. But i'm a bit disappointed that v7 is too resource hungry for shared hosting. Looks like a great cms for charities, NGO's etc.


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