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Module Overview

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This module gives site visitors the option to register/login using their GitHub account. The module provides a block for one-click-login and adds the "login with GitHub" link to the login form. The first time a user connects a new account is created. If a user with the same email is already registered... [More...]


Categories:Third-party integration, User Access & Authentication


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Total Downloads: 22 "Development" releases should be considered in beta.



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A formatter is way of transforming raw response data into usable data, e.g. converting a JSON string into an object or array.
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Creates an API wrapper around cURL using an OO-based approach thus providing a more intuitive way of managing and retrieving request and response data.


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We are two developers using Netbeans git working on one github repository. So, I need to connect from my local repository to remote as well as another developer who wants to connect to the same remote repository. But both local repositories are showing master as a name and we are not able to git fetch or pull.


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