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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

Important! I have released a new module called Navigate based off of the ideas behind Super Nav, with some marked improvements and structural changes which should eliminate some of the compatibility issues several people have been having with Super Nav. Some of the changes include: No frameset: Probably... [More...]


Categories:Administration, Content, Content display, Developer, Javascript Utilities, Search, Theme enhancements, User management, Utility


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Total Downloads: 1157 "Development" releases should be considered in beta.



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Great for configuration, HORRIBLE for development

Looking at the reviews, you must love this or hate it... I HATE IT!

I cant STAND this module. Nothing has annoyed me more in a VERY long time! This module simply loads all the time even when you state you don't want to load it all the time. It then screws with your page formatting, and it reloads pages sometimes 2 times.

Thoose that like it can keep it, for me... I hate it! DELETE!


Required module for any serious Drupal install...

No further review needed.

After installing Drupal this should be the first module anyone should install. Get it... Be productive right away


Great for developing

Another relatively new module that I use all the time. Like some people I use this mostly in development. I stick to SimpleMenu for clients. It is unbelievable for speeding up my own navigation, but I've been developing Drupal sites for almost 3 years. I fear it is a bit too much for the client. A few bugs regarding image paths filled my logs, but that was fixed recently. I think this will just get better


Simple and Elegant, But..

This module works fairly well, but I still feel that the 'Drupal Administration Menu' is a much better fit for most people. Definitely give this module a try if the DAM is not what you are looking for. I see hope with this module, and believe that it could be improved, but for now, the DAM is my admin menu of choice.


Good idea, but a bit too BIG

Does size matter?
SuperNav is an excellent help with building a site, but in other ways it really dominated the site as well - it was hard to ignore while building a site. To be honest, I prefer SimpleMenu or Administration Menu, because they are much less dominant.


absolute must

similar purpose to 'drupal administration menu' module, but i find supernav way more useful for a test site when lots of changes need to be made. very very nice. version for 6.0 didnt work on a local site, dont know why, but otherwise excellent.


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