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Module Overview

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Next generation workflows for drupal Workflow-ng allows one to customize drupal's built in workflows in a very flexible way. In short, it's a rule-based event driven action evaluation system. (more) E.g. this is useful for • sending customized mails notifying your users about important changes •... [More...]


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You want power?

This module is like a Hummer. It's somehow sexy in an ugly kind of way, but has enough grunt and cool extras to take you anywhere and do anything so you really won't care if it's a little bit "boxy".

If you are doing anything with events and actions, look at this module first. Create your own state machines, trigger events when the state changes, or change the state when some other trigger occurs. Mail all users in a role or two, write entries to the log, change breadcrumbs, paths, fields, whatever.

It's the CCK of events (and integrates CCK well too). Documentation is a little scarce but after I played with it a bit, all I can say is omg, omg, omg, ...


A most use

I've barely scratched the surface of this module and I have to say it is quite powerful. The set of feature and the interaction with other modules (notably CCK in my case) made it quite useful.

I have to say that it is not so easy to setup at first and I would have liked to see a bit more documentation (especially when using the load node or node reference action).

Take the time to use and learn this module, you won't regret it.


Is workflow not enough

For some time I was using the standard workflow module and was actually pretty happy, but was also looking for some more powerful module.

As I was setting up an ubercart shop I stumbled over the workflow-ng module, as it is needed for the shop. I then realized the power of that module, espacially together with ubercart, that integrates very well into workflow-ng.

It allows a wide variaty of action and best of all allows you to add and append conditions for actions.


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