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#D7CX: I pledge that GetID3 will have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is released. The getID3() Drupal module facilitates the installation and management of the getID3() PHP library, used to extract useful information from MP3s and other multimedia file formats. This API module is used...

Developer, Media, Third-party integration, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 13


Views XML Backend is a Views 3 plugin that adds native XPath 1.0 query generation. It allows you to parse XML/(X)HTML with XPath selectors using Views' graphical query builder. Dependencies: * Views 3 Documentation: * The module comes with two example default views, the XML for project releases and...

6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 12


Whiteboard module creates and saves whiteboard nodes and is powered by the required jsDraw2D library. Users with appropriate permission may draw and erase marks though mouse clicks. NOTE: No module dependency exists for drawing new marks to a whiteboard, but in order to view saved whiteboard, the...

Content, Content Construction Kit (CCK), Media, Third-party integration, 7.x

Reviews: 14


Taxonomy Image Views Options module changes the options for displaying Taxonomy Image in Views. What does the module do? Removes the checkbox Link this image to its term page and the selectlist ImageCache preset from Fields options in Views for the field Taxonomy: Term Image and adds a selectlist Display...


Reviews: 20


Google Cloud Storage allows you to replace the local file system with Google Storage. Files uploaded into Drupal will still be managed by Drupal, but instead of being stored on the local server, files will be stored in Google Cloud Storage. Google Cloud Storage can be used as the default file system,...

File management, Media, Performance and Scalability, Third-party integration, 7.x

Reviews: 31


The Manual Crop module exposes a set of image style effects that enables users, if enabled in the widget settings, to crop (and scale) an image after uploading. After enabling this module, you should do 2 things: Add one of the new Manual Crop effects to the image styles that should have a crop feature. Active...

Fields, Media, 7.x

Reviews: 21


Adds Eric Hynds jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget (http://www.erichynds.com/jquery/jquery-ui-multiselect-widget/ ) to select fields (optional multiselect only) in Drupal. This jQuery Plugin is great because it offers: Small Interface (in contrast to many other multiselects) Good usability Nice filter options Great...

Content display, Javascript Utilities, Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 13


Simple module that let you configure weights for your profile categories so you can change the order of them in the User Registration Form. Drupal 6 version also changes the order of the tabs in the user edit form thanks to the hook_menu_alter() function. Drupal 5 Notes: It does not change the order...

User management, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 16


The Pirobox Limit module extends the Pirobox module with limiting and access functionalities. Features Limiting the display of image groups. Define a user role can see full image groups. Configure a bypass to allow content owners to see full image groups. Limits are configurable per content type and...

Content access control, Content display, Media, 7.x

Reviews: 30


This module reads and parses your Amazon S3 account's various log files, so you can easily track your most popular uri's, and how much bandwidth has been used per-file. It also makes sure to never download the same log file twice (saving you bandwidth), and can be configured to only check for new log...

Statistics, 6.x

Reviews: 9


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